Scott Andrews

“My whole life I have been a creative person, hairdressing has allowed me to focus this into a craft that i am proud to be a part of!”

Scott is a creative Stylist with a passion for education that believes continuous growth and development is what makes a good stylist a cut above the rest. Always with a smile on his face he brings positive energy, an open ear and a joke to put everyone at ease. He has been working in sweden as a seasonal stylist in both Sälen and Öland but has now made the jump to Stockholm. He was awarded his hairdressing certificate in 2013 but has worked in the industry for a total of 11 years. He has an eye for detail, is thoughtful in his choice of colour and the right application technique to make that colour pop or add a little edge his cuts. His passion is creating new looks for his clients, big transformation jobs using that perfect shade of colour and the perfect cut to really showcase the result. Scotts first step into the industry was at the age of 14 when he started working at his uncles barber shop when he wasn't in school. "Mens hairdressing was my first experience to this world and i still love it today!" At 16 he finished high school and went to art school for 3 years, "I needed somewhere to let my creativity flow, the way you are taught to develope an idea into a final piece has helped me alot in my hairdressing career"

Scott then jumped full force into the hair world, studying at hair college, while working in a salon at the same time. He won lots of competition work and represented the college in the national hair up competition across the country in the 'British student hairdresser of the year award'! He was scouted to work backstage for the 'India Russ Foundation' fashion show where he was shortly promoted to manager of all hair and beauty.

Scott is also a global wanderer, working in New York, Brighton, Essex and Sweden, he has also been backpacking through Thailand and Bali meeting all walks of life along the way!