Jessica Finnberg

”I approach my haircolor no different than a painting, designing soft and natural looks that are both timeless yet current at the same time”

Jessica is a well rounded stylist with huge experience starting her career in the United States, but luckily ended up here in Sweden. Her eye for fashion in general, has made her signature style in hair to be chic, effortless and minimalistic but still with an edgy touch. Jessica truly sees working with hair as an artform, and as a client you can expect a hair service made exclusively for your individual needs.

Jessica has many years of experience of the hairdressing craft, developing unique set of skills when it comes to focusing on women’s haircutting, coloring and styling. She also has a lot of talent and love for working with bridals, special occassion hairstyles and photoshoots.

Being a client in her chair, will not only give you a great hairstyle and a fresh look, we can promise you that you will experience a relaxing and comfortable service in the hands of a true professional.

Jessica is an englishspeaking hairdresser that are only accepting female clients.